What is Hair Replacement?

Q: Have thinning, fine hair, suffer from alopecia, male or female pattern balding or hair loss due to medical procedures?

We can help! Start doing the things you want to do with the confidence you once had. Hair replacement is a process by which a human hair graft with skin thin perimeter is attached to the perimeter of your healthy hair. At ADR Creative Hair we have been helping male and female clients suffering with thinning hair to enhance their quality of life for over 20 years. This expertly executed hair replacement procedure is virtually undetectable and can be worn attached to the scalp for 4-8 weeks.

Q: What does our salon offer?

At ADR, we offer the highest quality hair, custom made or stock hair alternatives, with a tried and tested safe, comfortable, and undetectable attachment method. Our hair loss solutions can even be executed in a non-damaging method of application that involves no hair removal.Unlike Surgical procedures and chemical treatments hair replacement will cosmetically increase hair thickness at a fraction of the cost.


Not convinced? Check out our Testimonials within the Gallery for REAL life customer feedback or give us a call today for your free consultation @407-599-1963.


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