Children with Hair Loss

Growing up is difficult enough without dealing with hair loss too. These are the years when ‘fitting in’ is particularly important – and without a full head of hair, children or teenagers can feel ‘different’ or isolated.The good news is there are various ways to help reduce negative experiences of hair loss. These can include:

  • Talk about it as soon as possible.
  •  Navigate online to find blogs, forums, & Facebook pages where other young people share their hair loss stories.
  • Experiment with stylish scarves, accessories or hats to find alternative solutions to the problem.
  • Explore options such as hairpieces and wigs

Helping individuals regain a full head of hair that looks natural and helps them to feel confident is our priority.

Our Mission

At ADR Creative Hair, our team of hair replacement experts are specially-trained to provide friendly advice and assistance for those dealing with hair loss. We will help guide you to find the best hairstyle which can be cut, colored and styled whichever way you like!

Our Partner

ADR Creative Hair is here to help the families dealing with hair loss as much as possible to make this as easy of a process as possible. We partner with Children with Hair Loss, a not for profit organization, that provides hair replacement options to children under the age of 21 dealing with medical hair loss at no cost to the families. Our salon is here to help the family through the application process, delivery process, and finding the right solution for their individual need.

Children with Hair Loss

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