Sometimes You Choose Change, Sometimes It Chooses You.


And that is quite simply the truth. Some days you wake up feeling like a million bucks capable of taking on the world and some day just brushing your hair is highly productive. Wherever you’re at in the spectrum of life, change is inevitable and completely unpredictable… the only thing you have full control of is your attitude. Tiffany is truly a muse that models just that.

We have been fortunate enough that this beautiful young lady peeked her head in our salon with her mother a few weeks ago. The change bomb has made its’ way into their everyday life and they are making the necessary adjustments to their norm. Part of the process for a young lady undergoing aggressive chemo is hair loss  which is the perfect opportunity to try new styles, discuss options, and place your order right?

Yes, and that’s just what we did!!

Our salon works with Children With Hair Loss, a not for profit organization, that delivers wigs and hairpieces to children with a medical necessity. So we were able to work together and find the style, make, and color to order the wig for this family at no cost. When the wig is delivered, she also gets a professional wig stylist at her disposal as part of our partnership with this organization.

Tiffany made a grand decision to donate her hair back to the organization, to help them in their mission of “covering young heads to heal young hearts.”

Full circle 🙂 ❤

It was, without a doubt, a joyous experience for both our salon and the family/friends and we are so grateful to have been a part of this with them.  


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