Today I Will Wear This Wig For The Whole Day!

As an employee of a wig salon, I get the honors of playing in these beautiful wigs as I please but today I decided I wanted to wear a wig for a full day. I wanted to connect with the reality of what it’s like to wear a wig beyond the walls of this salon. A day is a small fraction of time in comparison to the time devoted to wig wear by women with thinning hair or medical conditions that make wig wearing their everyday hair. The idea was to collect a better understanding of the process, the pains, the fears, and help build rapport as a service provider. And here begins my day.

Application of wig:

With a full head of hair, when I say full I mean a beast of hair, disguising my hair underneath was a bit of a challenge. So I opted for two small loose ponies (used the smallest bands I could find) with a wig grip around the perimeter to keep the wig place throughout the day.

Looks something like this…


Wig Selection:

Because I work in a wig salon, I knew that my all day wear with a large mass of hair would do some stretching on the piece so I selected one of our old display wigs.

  • She’s been tried on hundreds of times – she’s a best seller this exact wig or this wig in another color has been purchased and tailored in our salon at least 100 times.
  • She’s well traveled  – the color on this wig is so fabulous that she’s been sent to distributors and factories in China for replication of color at least 3 times that I can recall.
  • She been torn apart and sewn back together – first time wig trier oners may have accidentally stuck their finger through the lace at least once in her life.
  • She’s been in a box for quite some time – she doesn’t get a lot of use since we have replaced her with a new fresh version of herself for display.

And here she is….


Reactions from wearing a wig for the day:

Initial reactions – You did something different with your hair?

Response – I cut and colored it.

Next – It looks shinier than usual…

Response: That’s because it’s fresh, I just got it done and I went ahead and did one of those conditioning treatments 🙂

Goes about her regular day. Well, that was easier than expected.

Final thoughts – “Of all your hair colors, I like that one the best.”

Beyond of the attention from the color and style change the wig really went completely unnoticed the rest of the day. I didn’t even think about the piece on my head when I bent down to pick things up or through my regular activity throughout the day. It was securely in place and easy to pull back in a low pony.

And yes, I even had fun playing in the Snapchat filters with my new friend…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got home and went next door to my neighbors to say hi before settling down for the evening. Needless to say, as innocent as their cute little 9 month old prince looks this picture perfect moment was just a small glimpse of the calm in his little curious mind. Just as he grabs at my earrings, necklace, and any other dangling object the threat lingered for a grasp of hair. As I pull my natural hair back for everyday wear, I still had the long tresses of the wig safely tucked back in a clip with no interruption from those inquisitive fingertips.

Snapchat-3056745200553091896_1471619725785 (1).jpg

As I settled in for what was left of the evening I felt the yearn to take her off. So I did, just like I changed into my comfortable clothes after a long day’s work. I did however have one more venture before I called a close to the day. As I quickly changed into my pajamas and headed over to a friends house I said to myself “I’m not going to wear this wig anymore”… but on the car ride over I looked down and saw her staring at me. A commitment I had made for the day. So I quickly tossed her back atop my head before running into the house, not bad for a car application…


The rest of the evening consisted of hanging around the house and breaking down some boxes from computer parts and office furniture – to which the only solution to all these boxes hanging around the house was of course to toss them in the firepit!! Me and my new friend made our way to the firepit before I even realized that I was standing close to this fire with a synthetic wig that is heat sensitive. After a few minutes, I made the connection and simply moved a few steps further away from the firepit just to ensure that I didn’t catch too much or too large of a heat wave (had this wig have been one of our human hair collection, I wouldn’t have even second thought it).

Overall, I’d say we had a pretty successful, average day together.

And just like that – after a nice wash and brush I deliver this beauty back into her box and offer this blog simply to help give a glimpse of a day in the life of wig wearer.  Happy hair hunting! 🙂



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