Women with Alopecia There are Options

With a recent salon visit from a beautiful young woman with Alopecia, we decided it was a good time to let the Alopecians know that they do have options. There are lots of comfortable bases (with gripping technology for stay put placement), long lengths, and accessories to help you achieve your own personal definition of beautiful 🙂

Below we have provided some pictures of on hand inventory to show the level of high quality wig options that can be offered. To note:

  • There are wigs constructed with different levels of gripping technology based on individuals activity levels.
  • There are comfortable & breathable bases.
  • The hair can be silky straight or have body based on your preference.
  • Your wig can be ordered in high quality human long or shorter length (up to 26″)
  • There are various levels of quality of hair that can be ordered (Remy, European, Euro-Asian, Russian, etc)
  • The cap size can be ordered to size and if you are not able to get a cap size that fits your head, tailoring services can be performed to get you the perfect fit (XL to XXS).
  • There are various cap options that can help you to meet your exact needs (french tops, lace front, rooting, etc).

Alopecia wig options

Long Blonde Alopecia Wig

There are also various accessory options available to help you to complete your look and polish off your fit:

  • Human hair and synthetic hair eyebrows that can be applied with bond.
  • Wig grip headband to wear under your wig if it does not have gripping technology.
  • High quality hair care products to maintain the hair in your wig (critical).

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