Put Your First Visit Anxiety At Ease

Hair loss anxiety

As a person facing the intimate and private journey of hair loss, the decision to look into hair addition options can stir up a host of emotions. The anxiety is completely understandable and there are ways to help in this process. As a hair loss salon owner we can provide some guidance to help make this process as easy as possible.

  • Do lots of research. There are lots of blogs and forums for all forms of hair loss. Do some scouring and visit some chat rooms (a few resources below):
  • Bring a someone you trust for your first visit. Having someone with you that already has your trust and understands your individual needs will often put your emotions at ease.
  • See, touch, and feel the products you are looking into. There are differences in quality of hair, base construction, and many other factors. These things should be shown and discussed with you.
  • The decision to wear hair is costly and stressful. Don’t be afraid to ask to see the salons client work. They should have pictures or videos of REAL clients. We will often allow new clients to sit in on an existing clients visit, this will allow you to see the process from beginning to end and be the judge yourself.

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