Your Guide To Getting A Wig

You’ve made the decision to purchase a wig! Now what… where do you start? Buying a wig is an intimidating process and will often times leave the buyer feeling like they need a “For Dummies” guide. We hope that this provides you some help through this process.

how to buy a wig

What are my options for getting started?

  • Go to Google: Scouring the internet for hours is definitely an option and you will find some great prices. One thing to note, like with anything, you pay for what you get. Get an understanding of the return policies, make sure you have an out if your purchase is not satisfactory. The service aspect is often cut out if you go this route, but use this time to get educated. There are many great blogs and education that can be found in searching the internet (and some pretty good deals too).
  •  Find a Local Wig Shop: A wig shop often will have a great variety of inventory and accessories on hand. This will give you the option of trying on the wig. This will also give you the opportunity to touch, feel, and try on a variety of wigs to your liking and of course price compare. Getting a “feel” for wearing a wig is critical.
  • Find a Local Hair Replacement Specialist: A hair replacement salon is a salon that specializes in hair loss. They will generally offer a selection of wigs that are more customized for individual needs (I.E. comfort caps for medical hair loss) and an added bonus – you get a hairdresser! There will be a licensed cosmologist on staff to tailor your selection to your liking.

The big question… Human or Synthetic Hair?

  • Human Hair Wigs: The obviously big difference between human and synthetic hair is price. Human hair will come with a higher price tag. Human hair comes in different qualities based on origin, it is suggested you know what you are getting before making this type of investment. Human hair for the wearer is very similar to your own hair, it can be chemically treated and can be styled using heated products. Much like natural hair, human hair requires styling. Like with your own hair… if you wash it, you must reset the style for the next wear.
  • Synthetic Hair Wigs: Much like human hair synthetic hair does come in different qualities, it can and should feel very close to natural hair NOT plastic. There are some heat resistant synthetic varieties but for vast majority synthetic hair should not have heating tools used in styling (this also holds true to wig wear, i.e. caution when opening ovens or standing under heaters in the winter) . Synthetic wigs styling is best achieved through use of steam. Once a style is set in a synthetic wig, it is set. You can wash it and the style will reset. If you choose to restyle it at a later date, you can. You will either apply the steam or take it to a professional to set in the style you want.

What to know about purchasing a wig –

  • Construction Matters: Wigs can be scratchy. Wigs can be hot. Wigs can be top heavy. Wigs can be all these things, but they can also be very comfortable. You’re wearing this wig on your head for hours at a time, try on and find the base that works best for you. If you are highly active, find a wig with gripping technology. If your scalp is sensitive, find a wig with a base built for comfort.
  • Don’t Let Your Hairline Give You Away: There are different options to creating a natural looking hairline, and yes, it can be achieved. French tops will create a scalp appearance, but can’t have hair added (that’s an important note). Lace fronts do wonders for creating a disguised front edge (you can even add tape for security).
  • Get the Right Fit: Wigs will usually come in a standard size. Some companies do offer petites or oversized wigs for those who need additional size options. BUT if needed a wig can be cut down to size, they can be tailored to meet the individuals needs if you have a well trained stylist.
  • Your Wig Can Be Customized: Wigs often come in heavy or “long” in length. This is because a one person approach is used in creating a wig. The wig will generally come in with a mass of hair and may not frame your face as you wish. The hair in these wigs can be thinned to achieve a natural look. Baby hairs are often cut in around the perimeter of the wig to create the look of “natural breakage” as you would have in your own hair. The hair can be cut to better frame your individual face, go to a professional with experience.
  • Home Care Is Required: If you aren’t given care instructions, ask for them! Your wig is an investment and often times an expensive one at that. You want to take proper care of your wig to ensure longevity and the appearance in wear.

This accessory will become your best friend. Chose wisely and happy hair hunting!! 🙂

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