Men’s Hairpieces – Taking the Plunge

We will be working on a gathering a few clips to share with all but wanted to at least pass along this heartfelt story that this Saturday touched not only our hearts but the hearts of many of our “family” that come in for regular servicing.

Last week, a regular client who has been a hair wearer for 20+years came in, with his brother in tote. This client has been fighting a personal health battle and wanted to do something for his brother who has selflessly, like many other family members, put their life on hold to be with him and help him through his recovery process. He wanted to give something back, something he could share in with him & something he knew for so long his brother had thought of but as with life – other priorities had always prevailed. As you can see through the pictures captured below, he gave his brother a fresh set of locks (attention to slide 4, top right and you can see the love ❤ ).

This week his brother came in with so much excitement it couldn’t be contained. Our staff sat back in awe and observed him interacting with the other clients and sharing in his finding of a hairpiece. To give you just a small glimpse of the wonder that was shared and the experience, I have done my best to capture some of the captivating dialogue.

Client: How was it when you woke up after the first day of wearing hair?

Brother: It was alarming! That first morning I got up to go to the restroom and thought I had walked in on someone. I looked in the mirror and didn’t even recognize myself. It was almost unsettling at first but I really loved the new look.

Client: It does look incredible. Your so fortunate to start wearing hair since it has evolved. When I started wearing hair, the hairpiece was attached with a weave method. They would attach the hairpiece to a very small braid around your hairline. Every time you would come in, the service would entail a tightening. The pain was equivalent to having your braces tightened and you walked out with a face lift. And don’t even get me started on the hair quality or blends. A grey percentage match up like what you have would not have even been an option.

Brother: It’s incredible. I’ve been bald my whole life, my children don’t even remember their father with hair on his head. Sending them the pictures was so much fun and I can’t wait to see their reactions when I go back home.

Client: Has anyone who saw you without hair been completely shocked?

Brother: I’m still shocked at how natural it is, to the point that if I haven’t told someone they haven’t noticed. There is a worker at the lodge that I’ve bonded with. We’ve had those “bald guy” conversations and joked about it together. I went into the lodge. Shook his hand. He looked at me and said “You’ve changed something.” I said I’m not wearing my hat and I shaved a goatee. Without hesitation, he simply said “Wow, you look so different with a goatee.”

Client: Oh, you wore a hat often. So you can have fun with the tip of the hat when you get home, and slowly work your way into life with hair!

Brother: Yes! I’m always out on the lake and in the sun. I learned at an early age that if my scalp wasn’t covered. It was blistering. I’ve for a long time exclaimed “If I’ve got my pants on, I’ve got my hat on!” It’s become a part of my identity. One of the biggest sellers as to why I want to keep this system is that I can start doing things outdoors without my hat and without fear of blisters. I have something covering my head.

Client: This has truly brightened my day, I’ve been wearing hair for so many years that I had forgotten what the alternative really is and how that beginning decision felt. Thank you for sharing this with me and welcome to the club.

Hope you enjoyed the recap, take a minute and check out the video to see the before and afters (attention to slide 4 😉 ). AND check back soon, we’ll be sharing another video soon…Happy Saturday!!

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