Trichotillomania – Where should I go for hair cuts?

Hair salons can be a frightening place for Trich sufferers. Hair replacement salons are experts in the field of ‪#‎hairloss‬ and will have a close understanding helping ease anxieties and pressure of haircuts. Going into a salon can be very intimidating, you are in a vulnerable state, in a public setting, and a potential conversation piece. The benefits of going to a hair replacement salon will be private rooms and they will have an existing clientele therefore you won’t be the first, only, or last client with trichotillomania that they have saw. Most clients in a hair replacement are there for the same reason, hair loss, there is a common ground and established understanding. Not to mention, there may be alternatives that they can offer to the client that is unfamiliar or new to help through recovery. Happy Hair Shopping!

What is Trich? Find out for yourself.

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trich salon

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