What to Know – Ordering Wigs Online

So you’ve added that wig purchase to the cart and anxiety await it’s arrival, open the box and the product inside doesn’t quite match the picture. The color is off, the density is heavy, the style isn’t what was pictured, or it doesn’t fit quite as planned. This can’t possibly happen in an online wig purchase right? Wrong.

When making an online wig purchase one thing you need to understand the additional work that may be required to get this product to your liking. The product that is a steal online compared to the in shop pricing that you have done may need alterations and have some additional costs. There is a solution for this problem but being educated up front of these factors may help you in your buying process. A good wig salon will have staff that is trained to make these adjustments if needed.

For example, this client ordered her wig online in a petite. When she got the wig in her extra petite head was still swimming in the cap and the hair was longer and lacking the style pictured. With a little custom work (check out the video) the wig is tailored to fit her head perfectly.

An additional nice to know, is that a hair replacement salon that is specialized in this industry will generally include styling, customization, and education for home maintenance in the pricing.

A couple things to consider in your wig shopping. Happy Hair Hunting!! 🙂

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