Hair Loss and Dizzy Spells?

POTS awareness

A year ago our salon was greeted with an intelligent, charming, and beautiful bright eyed, dimpled 13 year old. Her mother was on a simple mission. Her daughter was experiencing hair loss of significant proportions and her parental instinct kicked in. My daughter is losing her hair and I need to solve this for her.

That was the start of a journey of self-discovery with a whole new meaning of the word.

Yes, this starts as a simple hair mission. As do most hair loss missions. Hair loss is generally one of your body’s first outward expressions of something going on internally as she will soon find out after escalating symptoms, countless doctors appointments, changes in school schedules, mounting medical bills and a massive lifestyle change for the entire family.

The hair loss in this story ends up being one of the simplest pieces of this journey. Many thanks to a not for profit organization – Children With Hair Loss. Our salon serves as the delivery mechanism and their organization the real savior, that delivers hair pieces or wigs to children experiencing hair loss at no cost to the family with just a few simple steps.

The hair loss has been mended. Problem solved right? Not quite.

Her daughter begins to experience that dizzy— I’m going to faint moment when she stands up too quickly. Something as simple as rising from her sleep each day invokes a fear of a black out. She begins blacking out numerous times in a day simply from rising her body. She’s kept up for sleepless nights as her body simply isn’t carrying enough blood supply to her stomach. What may have been thought of a belly ache from an upcoming test is in indication of so much more. Her extremities begin to change color with the lack of delivery of blood flow. Taking stairs becomes a feat. Sitting. Standing. All in the midst of adolescence, whilst she simply wants to plan for prom.

Our salon is afforded the opportunity to be a participant in many medical stories on a continuous basis given the nature of our work. Today however, we received the gift of learning something new! Our technicians were educated on the symptoms of a condition of the Autonomic Nervous System, named POTS.

Yes, the hair loss began this journey of self discovery. Self discovery for mother and child. A mother tested to find a cause, a daughter in patience, and both in change. This journey is not over for any parties involved, but we are hoping to pass along some awareness. The symptoms of POTS are needless to say not always quickly or easily identified. We hope that sharing this will help any families or individuals sharing symptoms described to look to their doctor for guidance.

Thank you again to this incredible family for picking our salon to join in this experience with them and Children with Hair Loss for all that they do in their mission to “cover heads to heal young hearts!”

pots and children with hair loss

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