Hair Loss: 30 Never Looked So Good

In this crazy fast modern world, life sure doesn’t slow down. Everyone has their own personal definition of success but whatever it is that defines you as a person takes some amount of time and investment from you. And right then in the midst of finishing up finals, tucking your kids in for bed, hitting submit on bill pay, or whatever life event you are working through right now, you look in the mirror and see a slight gleam. Scalp?! Is that the onset of thinning hair…

Now incorporate finding hair replacement solutions into that long list of to do’s. Late nights reading hair loss websites, product reviews, watching YouTube videos and shuffling through pictures is no easy feat. Finding the right thinning hair solution is not fun or easy for any party who’s beginning this long and sometimes exhausting journey.

Let me to introduce you to some assistance. Did you know there is entire council, of industry experts that come together for one common goal: Understanding Hair Loss?

Hairdresser Continued Education

What does that mean for you the consumer? That you have found an organization consisting of industry experts from all over the world, in all fields of hair loss: laser hair therapy, extension application, wigs, hairpieces, hair additions, nutritional supplements, accessories, topical treatments, not for profits, and more! These members come together collectively to share in client experiences, cross educate, and network to find the absolute best hair loss solutions. I encourage you to Look For Yourself… think local? Sure. But here you have it folks… this is the list of industry experts who can help you on this journey… get exploratory. Check out multiple listings. Find the salon that you think will best fit your needs, as a member just returning from the Annual Conference this weekend I can honestly say that we came back completely invigorated and I hope you are able to find just what you are looking for too!!!

Best of luck in your hair loss journey and many thanks American Hair Loss Council… 30 never truly looked so good!

Men's and Women's Hair Loss Solutions - AHLC

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