Wig Styling – Professional Adjustments Make a Difference!!

One of the most common disappointments in wig purchasing is that upon receipt the product doesn’t have the style expected or look anything like what was ordered. This is what sets a hair replacement salon apart from a standard wig shop. When you are purchasing our product you’re also getting professional expertise.

Some of the most common problems that women have complaints of are a “boxy” style, very heavy, not face framing, or simply lacking in style. There are many techniques that a licensed cosmetologist who is trained in the art of hair replacement can do to help resolve these issues. The fixes will vary: as simple as a thorough washing of the wig, setting in the style, adding roots (to create the appearance of natural root growth), or cutting the hair to better frame the face of the individual.

We’ve put together a little example to highlight how natural a wig can look with some professional adjustments, even with an included token wet cat photo… salon quality makes a difference! 🙂 Wig StylingHuman Hair Wig StylingWig

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