Early Stage Hair Loss – Where to Start?

Where to start for thinning hair and hair lossWhat suggestions would you offer to a person who is experiencing early stage hair loss?

Initial suggestion and not as a plug but a simple fact: Find a local hair loss or hair replacement specialist and schedule a consultation! If for nothing else get some information. A good one will offer you something in this experience. If they can’t help guide you through the next steps, they should have contacts in the appropriate areas of interest and can help guide you through some alternatives. Hair replacement specialists are trained to do all those “hair things” you invest in regularly but in a means that is focused around hair loss.

What does this mean? You aren’t the first to sit in their chair with these problems. If it’s a right fit there should be an immediate level of comfort in their expertise. They will be able to:

  1. Empathize with what you are going through, emotionally and physically. Almost every client that walks through their door on a daily basis is facing the same struggles.
  2. Guide you hair style suggestions – Experience in situations such as cutting in a hairstyle for someone who pulls their own hair in a way that helps mask the areas while they are working through stopping this behavior, helps them to have an understanding to best guide you in style options.
  3. Help you understand the products you’re using and suggest alternative products that may be better suited given your situation right now.
  • If you are still coloring your hair, they may carry a line that may be less abrasive on your natural hair than your current stylist is using.
  • If you are using salon quality products at home, they may be able to suggest alternatives that will help in providing fullness to your natural hair.
  • They can discuss all those “alternative” options you have been considering like the 500 types of extensions, top pieces, or any other options along with any potential damage that can occur to the already fragile hair.
  1. Discuss progression options with you. In early stage you are still diagnosing, getting an understanding, and determining if it is going to progress. You want to be armed with your next steps and have someone to go through this process with you who is an expert in doing just that.

Most importantly there is almost always a free consultation offered. This is an hour of this specialist’s time for you to get armed and prepared. Take advantage – Ask questions – Get Knowledge.

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