Wig Wearers… Ever Wonder?

One of the biggest joys in this industry can be watching our clients weather the storm of the side effects associated with Chemotherapy (including but definitely not limited to hair loss) and come back stronger than they could have ever imagined. Going through this journey, realizing everything that these wigs meant to the wearer, and that they would like to pay it forward inspired a super simple question today but one that many may not know the answer.

Is there a way that I can bring in the wigs that I haven’t worn much and are still in good condition? I’d like to donate them so that can maybe be starter wigs for those beginning this journey or for those who are struggling to afford a wig outside of the costs associated with all the medical bills, etc.

Such a simple question with selfless intent. The answer is YES! I can’t speak for all hair replacement salons, but we try to help our clients out in any way possible and will retain donated inventory. So if you are a wig wearer and you’d like to donate your wig back to your salon, pose the question. They may very well retain a stash to help those in need or be able to point you in a direction if they don’t.


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