When Learner Meets Coach…

Hair Loss Coach

It doesn’t always happen so perfectly coordinated but sometimes the timing is just right and a new client will be in the salon at the same time as a long time hair wearer <3. The experience of having the opportunity to ask all those questions running through your head as you’re embarking on this new adventure is quite energizing and for that, a nice dialogue to share some of the key points for anyone who is thinking about potentially getting a top piece or any other hair addition.

In this exercise we will call the new hair wearer, learner, and the experienced hair wearer, coach.

Learner: How long have you been wearing hair?

Coach: At least 20 years or so… it’s been so long really I’ve lost track of time.

Learner: Do you tell anyone that you wear hair?

Coach: I’ve shared my experience of hair loss with most of my close friends and family at this point… but strangers have no idea and have never spotted it in public settings. It’s a preference really.

Learner: What do you do if it rains or it’s windy out?

Coach: Nothing… it’s hair. It dries, it blows in the wind… I don’t draw attention to my hair, it’s the same to me as when it was my natural hair atop my head.

Learner: How many do you own? Are they in different styles?

Coach: I have quite a few. Some are shorter, some are longer. Some have 3 clips, some have 5. Putting them on is easy for me, but I’m not a great “hair styler” so I like to come in and have them done for me. If anyone notices one is a little different than the other, I’ll generally just say “I tried a different style today”… they don’t think anything of it.

And in the final Coach to Learner moment…

Coach: My progression is much further than yours. You may or may not loose more in time, but you will become comfortable with the piece. It will get easy and you will get comfortable, best of luck… I know you’ll be happy here you’ve come to the right place.

❤ ❤ ❤

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