Hair Loss… Should I feel this anxiety?

Hair Loss Anxiety

Our first client walked in 10 mins before the shop opened and said “I’ve been researching hair loss and solutions for over a year, I’ve visited salons, and read blogs… I thought I was very prepared, but this anxiety when I walked in the door is this normal?”

Our salon has been in business for 10 years, and my mom in the hair replacement industry for a far more impressive amount of time, but I myself have been in the “hair replacement industry” for just over a year and a half… and as surprising as it may sound that is the first time I was presented that question.

“ABSOLUTELY!” I want to scream in reassurance. But I politely explain the eye opening world this industry has been for me as I watch the tenseness escape out of her pores.

Our salon has an established clientele, a clientele that remembers my childhood better than I do, with vivid memories they shared in with my mom in that salon chair. And we get new clients, but generally in the “it’s too late phase” of this process, the ‘I purchased this, spent what felt like an absurd amount of money for this, this wig… this hairpiece… this top piece… this whatever option they finally landed on and here I am with this mass of hair that doesn’t look like, feel like, or make me feel the way I want.’

I am prepared for this question… When I started working here a year ago I was foreign to this process. My mom worked in hair replacement, and I didn’t even really know what that meant, except that these men went into my mom’s room looking normal and coming out normal right? I didn’t really even have any concept of what that meant. But now, NOW I have learned, I have experienced, I understand the personal, private, emotional journey that hair loss is and understand even more-so the devastation that women feel. Listening to clients say I just want to feel like myself again, help me to find me. I realize the massiveness of hair loss for those internally dealing with this external process.

I tell her this anxiety is completely normal, I reassure for her that what she is going through… this uncontrollable wave of emotion…should be expected. I ask her how she found our salon, giving her something to focus on other than these emotions and help put her at ease. What a beautiful moment in time, All the thoughts that rage about one simple question, that simply had not been proposed once before.

She leaves with a smile. End of story…. Should I feel this anxiety? Yes, yes you did… and should have… and now you walk out confidently.

Thanks Client of the Day, for letting us be a part of this day with you 🙂

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