video Incredible story about a very brave girl!

Watch the KKTV full interview with Genevieve from this link:

Twelve-year-old Genevieve Nameika wears a hat she calls “Mr. Fluffers” to help her stop pulling out her hair. Nameika suffers from a psychological disorder called Trichotillomania. It causes her to to pull out every hair on her body, even her eyelashes.

But Mrs. Nameika said a video Genevieve’s classmates at Skyview Middle School made has helped her get back some of that control. Genevieve went to her schools broadcasting class and suggested they do a story about her so others would understand and accept people for being different. They were happy to help.

The message of this video?

“It’s okay to have differences, its okay to stand out from the crowd but what’s not okay is bullying people because of those differences,” she said.

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